State bail bonds are issued when a crime falls under the jurisdiction of a particular state. In Florida, the bond amount is 10 percent of the total bail issued by the judge. Federal bail bonds on the other hand are placed on individuals whose crime fall under federal jurisdiction. Federal bail bonds are higher than Florida’s bond. They are 15 percent of the total bail issued by the judge.

Immigration bonds are a special type of federal bonds.
These usually occur when a defendant has been detained by the United States Department of Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (otherwise known as ICE). We can often resolve these bonds very quickly and get the defendant released within a day.

If someone you care about is being held on immigration charges, contact us right away and we will have him or her home in no time!

No matter if your case is State, Federal or Immigration-related, we can help. We are experts at finding the right solution to address your individual needs.

Be sure to ask us about Signature Bail Bonds Services. If you have great credit and an excellent track record of being responsible, this bond could be right for you.

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