Types of Violent Crimes

Assault can occur either verbally or physically. When you intentionally threaten someone with violence, you have committed assault. For charges to take place, the threat must have the ability to be executed at the time it was made. The person being threatened must also genuinely feel that they are facing imminent danger. To reiterate, assault charges can occur without physically striking or committing violence against a person. A legitimate verbal threat is all it takes.

Aggravated Assault
Aggravated assault occurs when a deadly weapon is involved. Once again, as with assault, the weapon doesn’t have to be used to be charged with aggravated assault. If you need a bail bond for an assault charge in Fort Lauderdale, call Big Angel’s today.

When force is used against another person, or if the person has been offensively touched, then battery has just been committed. Depending on the circumstances, a battery can result in either felony charges or misdemeanor charges. For a charge to be considered battery, the physical contact must have occurred without permission and must have been intended to cause the victim bodily harm. Although violence should never be condoned, everybody makes mistakes. If you have been charged with battery and need a bail bond in Fort Lauderdale, give us a call.

There are several circumstances that constitute aggravated battery, including:

The use of a weapon

Battery that caused permanent disability or disfigurement

Battery against a woman known to be pregnant

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